Lurhan the Vaulkner

The military commander of the armies of Haggrief


Lurhan is the father of Ysmir, and the second in command of the city of Haggrief. He is the current Vaulkner, leader of the armies of Haggrief. He is a quiet, serious man. He has seen a great many battles and his a frighteningly skilled combatant. His brass colored eyes can bore into even the most defiant of souls.


He was overjoyed to have Quentin marry his daughter Ysmir. Though it has raised some controversy among the nobles throughout the city. Lurhan has no worries for an heir because of his Eldest son. He has allowed Ysmir to do as she wishes with her life, even allowing her to leave the safety of the city to travel with her new found husband.

Lurhan the Vaulkner

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