Road To Arcadia

To The North!

The party has currently managed to kill not one, but two Highborn Nobles in the city of Haggrief. Though they did indeed defeat the Hellknight, and reclaim Amy, the mysterious women with red hair managed to snag the artifact before the party could stop her. Ysmir has taken the party back to her farther, who no doubt will be livid of this news. It is likely the party must flee the city before the Druchau catches wind of their deeds.

To reach the north the party must make their way through the mountains and find the harbor city of Jarv, currently controlled by the Norse. From there they will need a boat to take them across the Frozen Sea to reach the north.

The north will be an inhospitable, violent land, which the party must prepare accordingly. It has been said that the north is were Humanity first took its roots so many years ago. It has also been said the the Dwarves have managed to cross the sea and erect a impregnable fortress.



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